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Brian Saady’s three-part book series, Rackets, presents the case for the legalization of drugs and gambling, along with the decriminalization of  prostitution. Rackets exposes the underlying corruption, hypocrisy, and abuses of power associated with the prohibition of these three vices. The cure is worse than the disease. Simply put, the direct and indirect consequences from criminalizing drugs, gambling, and prostitution have been disastrous.


This book series isn’t salacious, nor does it encourage a debaucherous lifestyle. Furthermore, these aren't frivolous issues. Examining these three topics reveals a great deal about our history, culture, political system, and much more. That’s why the Rackets book series, at times, touches upon so many other topics, including civil liberties, crony capitalism, geopolitics, human rights, economics, criminal justice, political science, criminology, and more. There are several shocking revelations in these books. Fortunately, the author included thousands of sources in a very reader-friendly and scholarly format.  


The Rackets series has a theme that involves the multiple definitions of the word “racket.” Drugs, gambling, and prostitution are clearly rackets, i.e. illegal black markets. And this series obviously make the case that these vices shouldn’t be criminalized. However, these books also expose other “rackets,” i.e legal but unethical businesses or crony capitalists. This series also denounces government bureaucracies that operate like "racketeers." Those government agencies function similarly to organized criminals by posing as the solution to problems caused by the government. Suffice it to say, these books will convince you that our political and criminal justice systems are, in many ways, inadvertently designed to fail...like rackets.

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