3-29-2018       Catch Me If You Can: Exxon complicit in corrupt Liberian oil sector

3-29-2018       A Former FBI Agent Has Been Charged With Leaking Classified Information to the Press

3-29-2018       Venezuela fire: Relatives want answers after 68 die

3-29-2018       In court filing, Hedge fund Alden admits diverting hundreds of millions from newspaper chain

3-29-2018       US subprime mortgage bonds back in fashion

3-27-2018       Records Show MLB, NBA Now Lobbying On Sports Betting In Nearly A Dozen States

3-26-2018       Berlusconi faces another trial as government talks heat up

3-26-2018       Disposable Veterans and Moral Injury

3-26-2018       Brazil police escort buses in Fortaleza after attacks

3-25-2018       The inside story of the Maziarz trial that never happened

3-24-2018       Japanese Toyobo Pays $66 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations Over Selling Defective Fiber to Government for Use in Bullet Proof Vests

3-24-2018       Mexican Journalist Killed After Threats from Local Mayor

3-24-2018       Drug-smuggling mobsters used retired police dogs to help secure cargo, court hears

3-23-2018       At Trial of Omar Mateen’s Wife, Judge’s Questioning Reveals a Huge Hole in Prosecution’s Case and Deceit by Prosecutors

3-23-2018       The Molina Theissen Trial: Four Protected Witnesses Tell Harrowing Stories of Torture

3-23-2018       Report: AT&T Lands Potential $3.3B NSA IT Infrastructure Services Contract

3-23-2018       Veteran DOJ Health Care Fraud Prosecutor Moves to Crowell & Moring

3-22-2018       As the CLOUD Act sneaks into the omnibus, big tech butts heads with privacy advocates

3-20-2018       Coca Growers Battle Cops in Bolivian Capital

3-20-2018       Kris Kobach Just Got Humiliated in Federal Court

3-20-2018       Nicolas Sarkozy in police custody over Gaddafi allegations

3-20-2018       Former Congressman Steve Stockman ran 'massive scam' with donations, prosecutors said

3-20-2018       Grassley blocks top spy lawyer's confirmation over whistleblower rights concerns

3-20-2018       The NSA Worked to “Track Down” Bitcoin Users, Snowden Documents Reveal

3-19-2018       Mexico rights agency: Police were complicit in 2011 killings

3-19-2018       U.S. Supreme Court allows Flint water contamination lawsuits

3-18-2018       Police Shortage Hits Cities and Small Towns Across the Country

3-17-2017       Federal Agency Courted Alcohol Industry to Fund Study on Benefits of Moderate Drinking

3-16-2018       Bullets That Killed Brazil Activist Franco 'Bought by Police'

3-14-2018       Ex-president of Pilot Flying J objects to being labeled most guilty in $56.5M fraud scheme

3-13-2018       Etowah sheriff pockets $750k in jail food funds, buys $740k beach house

3-13-2018       Feds: Ex-aide to U.S. Rep. Bob Brady targeted in murder-for-hire plot

3-13-2018       Federal Bureau of Investigation arrests CEO who allegedly sold modded phones to criminals

3-12-2018       Intel Community Whistleblower Ombudsman Formally Fired

3-12-2018       When a Drug Conviction Lands You on the Sex-Offender Registry

3-12-2018       Saudis hire lobbying help to pursue US investments

3-12-2018       Iowa Senate majority leader steps down after video shows him kissing lobbyist

3-12-2018       Brazilian Men Will Stop Getting Cash After Killing Their Wives

3-10-2018       Bribery case puts spotlight on Cuomo, who could escape glare

3-9-2018         Cartel funded mayors’ election campaigns

3-8-2018         Slovakian journalists pledge to finish slain colleague’s story about political corruption

3-8-2018         Abstinence-only education making a comeback under Trump

3-8-2018         What swamp? Lobbyists get ethics waivers to work for Trump

3-6-2018         CIA Still Arguing Its Official Leaks To Journalists Shouldn't Be Subject To FOIA Requests

3-5-2018         Families of Mexico military abuse victims fear new security law

3-3-2018         Ex-Vatican Bank president indicted over £44.6m losses from real estate sales

3-2-2018         U.S. Saudi Lobby in Overdrive Ahead of Prince MbS ‘Roadshow’

3-2-2018         Revenge Of The Stadium Banks

3-2-2018         Former Wellco CEO pleads guilty to wire fraud

3-2-2018         Russian Billionaire Linked to Putin and Manafort Has Shiny New Cyprus Passport

3-2-2018         How many drug planes were there?

3-2-2018         Colombia: Petro's Caravan 'Sabotaged' as Uribe Critics Riot

3-1-2018         Guatemala appeals for more U.S. help to combat drug trafficking

2-28-2018       Murdered Slovak Journalist Was Investigating Prime Minister’s Aide Linked to Suspected Italian Mafia Figure

2-26-2018       Federal NDP, Liberals considering decriminalization of all drugs

2-26-2018       The Prosecutors

2-26-2018       Former Las Vegas City Councilman Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud

2-25-2018       Inside the CIA’s plot to kill Fidel Castro — with mafia help

2-24-2018       Colombia: Another Social Leader Killed Amid Gov't Slow Response

2-23-2018      GE says it may face U.S. action over subprime mortgage operations

2-23-2018       A “Death Spiral” for Police Unions?

2-22-2018       The Perverse Power of the Prosecutor

2-22-2018       My First Day as CIA Director

2-22-2018       Italians warned of Mafia meddling in the upcoming election

2-22-2018       Former New Orleans-based DEA task force member admits to stealing cash, cocaine

2-22-2018       How Much Have Banks Been Fined Since the Crisis?

2-21-2018       Trump administration cautions against hemp expansion

2-21-2018       Indigenous villagers in Peru losing patience with coca land seizures

2-21-2018       U.S. Supreme Court Trims Corporate Whistle-Blower Protections

2-20-2018       Judge declares mistrial in Philadelphia mob boss fraud case

2-20-2018       Philippines' Duterte Mocks Condom Use Amid Skyrocketing HIV Rates

2-20-2018       Dissidents groups stealing rebel assets meant for Colombia’s victims: FARC

2-20-2018       U.S.-Trained Police Are Hunting Down and Arresting Protesters Amid Post-Election Crisis in Honduras

2-17-2018       How a French Fraudster Climbed the World of International Arms Dealing

2-16-2018       Brazil army ordered to take over security in violent Rio de Janeiro

2-16-2018       Millions of Afghans tell court they're war crimes victims

2-14-2018       Can the ICC probe end Duterte's deadly war on drugs?

2-14-2018       Mexico admits government spies tailed opposition presidential candidate

2-13-2018       Brazil apps track gunfire as Rio violence spikes

2-12-2018       Report investigates Americans who joined terrorist groups

2-11-2018       US Will Build New Military Base in Northern Argentina

2-11-2018       Amid Peace Talks, 2 More Social Leaders Assassinated in Colombia

2-11-2018       U.S. Intelligence Shuts Down Damning Report on Whistleblower Retaliation

2-10-2018       'The training stays with you': the elite Mexican soldiers recruited by cartels

2-10-2018       Lee County circuit judge arrested for soliciting prostitution

2-10-2018       OxyContin maker stops promoting opioids, cuts sales staff

2-8-2018         UK sold spyware to Honduras just before crackdown on election protesters

2-8-2018         19 police in Mexican state charged in kidnappings, killings

2-7-2018         Journalists flee Venezuela over libel lawsuit

2-7-2018         Mexico pipeline thefts at record high, 10,363 illegal taps

2-7-2018         23 Arrested in Massive Brazil Anti-Drug Operation

2-7-2018         Peter Strzok text: Obama 'wants to know everything' about Hillary Clinton probe

2-6-2018         Prosecutors say governor's aide called bribe payments 'ziti'

2-6-2018         Nestle stops buying palm oil from Guatemala company accused of corruption

2-6-2018         Kellyanne Conway’s 'opioid cabinet' sidelines drug czar’s experts

2-5-2018         Paraguayan rebel group frees 2 kidnapped Mennonite men

2-5-2018         Ecuador voters reinstate presidential term limit

2-5-2018         New Evidence of Africa’s Systematic Looting, From an Increasingly Schizophrenic World Bank

2-5-2018         Exclusive: Massive Pentagon agency lost track of hundreds of millions of dollars

2-4-2018         Mexico protesters fear US-owned brewery will drain their land dry

2-4-2018         Baltimore Police to use fingerprint scanning to combat overtime fraud

2-3-2018         Banana giant Chiquita sued over deaths of Americans in Colombia

2-2-2018         Guatemalan journalist and radio worker found dead with signs of torture

2-2-2018         Pentagon ‘can't afford the sustainment costs‘ on F-35, Lord says

2-1-2018         Ball Gets Rolling on Iowa Legalization of Sports Betting With HSB 592

2-1-2018         Colombia ‘assisting in extermination’ of community leaders: Inspector General

1-31-2018       Mexico cracks down on cheap mobile phone network

1-31-2018       U.S. Donation Increases Guatemala’s Armored Vehicle Force

1-30-2018       Pentagon orders watchdog to hide data showing Taliban’s progress in Afghanistan

1-30-2018       MS-13 wants to force NC teen into violent gang in Honduras. Will he be deported?

1-29-2018       Marco Antonio Sánchez: Missing Mexico teen found after five days

1-29-2018       Drug firms shipped 20.8M pain pills to WV town with 2,900 people

1-29-2018       Honduras: Military Intelligence Behind Assassinations, Tortures, and Forced Disappearances

1-28-2018       U.S. government says it obtained defense lawyer's phone records in disputed witness-tampering investigation

1-28-2018       Hidden History: The US “War On Corruption” In Brasil

1-27-2018       New Mexico holds hundreds of people in prison past their release date

1-26-2018       Secret Report: Honduras' new top cop helped cartel move coke

1-26-2018       AT&T lands NSA contract worth billions to outsource IT

1-26-2018       Hallandale mayor freed from jail after arrest in FBI sting

1-26-2018       Former Guatemala defense minister arrested on corruption charges

1-25-2018       Overwhelming Majority of Americans Support Criminal Justice Reform, New Poll Finds

1-24-2018       U.S. to seek dismissal of 'meritless' whistleblower cases - memo

1-24-2018       Whitefish spent $150K lobbying Congress after Puerto Rico disaster

1-24-2018       Canada's fix to the opiod crisis: Vending machines that distribute prescription opiods to addicts

1-23-2018       Thailand: Forced Labor, Trafficking Persist in Fishing Fleets

1-23-2018       With safe injection sites, Philadelphia demonstrates a bold kind of leadership

1-22-2018       Pennsylvania court orders new congressional map due to gerrymandering

1-22-2018       Broken Covenant: A Homeless Youth Organization’s Assault on Trafficking Is Making Women More Vulnerable

1-20-2018       Whistleblower wins 13-year campaign against HSBC

1-20-2018       Is the President Making Money Off the White House? Trump Properties Made $1.2 Million From Political Groups Last Year

1-19-2018       NSA deleted surveillance data it pledged to preserve

1-19-2018       Tough Love Can Be Deadly

1-18-2018       HSBC agrees to $101.5m penalty in settlement of FX rigging case

1-17-2018       Former prostitutes launch high court challenge to UK law

1-16-2018       Dirty gold is the new cocaine in Colombia — and it’s just as bloody

Read more here:

1-16-2018       'We're Going to Kill You All': Paramilitary Group to FARC

1-15-2018       Sal Perricone, former federal prosecutor, faces formal sanction over commenting scandal

1-15-2018       State admits recording jail conversations between defense lawyers and clients

1-14-2018       Meet the 24-year-old Trump campaign worker appointed to help lead the government’s drug policy office

1-13-2018       Chile slams World Bank for bias in competitiveness rankings

1-13-2018       Guatemala congressman arrested, accused in murders of two journalists

1-12-2018       U.S. ambassador to Panama resigned because no longer able to "faithfully" serve Trump

1-11-2018       Study: Legalizing marijuana nationally could generate more than $132 billion in tax revenue and 1 million jobs

1-10-2018       Lobbyists Have a New Secret Weapon

1-10-2018       SIGAR finds millions wasted in Afghanistan economic development efforts

1-10-2018       Alabama Sheriffs Filled Their Wallets by Starving Prisoners

1-9-2018         Impact of a 1% Tax on Sports Betting

1-8-2018         Acclaimed book The New Jim Crow banned in some New Jersey prisons

1-8-2018         Kansas state rep: Black people 'responded the worst' to marijuana because of 'their genetics'

1-8-2018         Colombia sends 2000 soldiers to port town to curb post-conflict violence

1-7-2018         In Latin America, John Kelly trained for a job serving Trump

1-5-2018         Why warehouse low-risk drug offenders?

1-5-2018         Private prison company pursuing Wyoming immigration detention center has troubled past

1-4-2018         Citibank Fined $70 Mln For Anti-money Laundering Deficiencies

1-4-2018         Chiquita must face jury in Colombian terror-funding case - Miami judge

1-4-2018         AP NewsBreak: US to end policy that let legal pot flourish

1-4-2018        Senator Gillibrand raises concerns about interim Manhattan U.S. attorney

1-3-2018        Chris Christie Bridgegate lawyer Craig Carpenito named interim U.S. attorney for N.J.

1-3-2018        Commander in Thief

1-3-2018        And Justice For None: Inside Biggest Law Enforcement Scandal in Massachusetts History

1-3-2018         Jeff Sessions’ Marijuana Adviser Wants Doctors to Drug-Test Everyone

1-2-2018         Why We Fight: Inside Colombia’s Last Remaining Guerrilla Group

1-2-2018         Iran unrest: New protests as Rouhani plays down violence

1-1-2018         In lawsuit, Philly officers say supervisors told them to lie about arrests

1-1-2018         Former federal prosecutor buys California’s first legal cannabis

1-1-2018         Goodbye bail: Alaska switches to new system of criminal justice




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