9-29-2017       Could psychedelic drug ayahuasca have health benefits?

9-28-2017       Puerto Rico Rejects Loan Offers, Accusing Hedge Funds of Trying to Profit Off Hurricanes

9-28-2017       DOJ Seeking Info on 6,000 People Who ‘Liked’ Anti-Trump Facebook Page

9-28-2017       Detroit Pistons owner risks tarnishing rep to profit off prison phone call industry

9-27-2017       Gunmen kill 14 at Mexico drug rehabilitation centre

9-27-2017       Wisconsin DOJ sets up website to track sex assault kit tests

9-26-2017       Investigative journalism in a dangerous country: A lecture by Adela Navarro

9-26-2017       US won't waive shipping restrictions for Puerto Rico relief

9-26-2017       Conservatives for Criminal Justice Reform

9-26-2017       4 College Basketball Coaches Arrested In Bribery Case; Adidas Exec Also Named

9-25-2017       Congressional aides risk conflicts with stock trades

9-25-2017       Facebook Won’t Hire You for Its Data Center

9-24-2017       The displaced and 'forgotten' in Colombia's Soacha slum

9-21-2017       Thousands of Guatemalans Demand Resignation of President, Lawmakers

9-20-2017       In Mexico, ‘it is the state, not the cartels, that poses the biggest threat to journalists’

9-20-2017       Uncovering Philly law enforcement's secret bank accounts

9-20-2017       The American Fix

9-19-2017       IAPA expresses concern over recent murders of journalists in Honduras, Mexico

9-18-2017       Disney contributes another $600k to restrict Fla. gambling expansion

9-16-2017       Philippines' Duterte asks head of human rights agency: 'Are you a pedophile?'

9-15-2017       Photojournalist charged with terrorism in Turkey

9-15-2017       Trump Adviser Spent a Decade Using Street Gang MS-13 to Justify Anti-Immigrant Agenda. Now It’s Happening

9-15-2017       Wiretapping Sex Workers, Punishing Pre-Crime, and National Strategy to Stop Sex-Buyers Approved by Senate

9-14-2017       Juvie Inmates Say They Were Forced to Fight for Guards’ Amusement

9-14-2017       ‘Los Zetas Inc.’ Author on Why Mexico’s Drug War Isn’t About Drugs

9-13-2017       House votes to curb asset forfeiture

9-13-2017       El Chapo Guzmán says: I will not make a deal with the U.S. or rat out anyone

9-12-2017       U.S. gambler Walters loses bid to stay free during insider trading appeal

9-11-2017       End Warrantless Deep State Spying: Don't Renew 702

9-11-2017       'Deep Throat' Mark Felt Had an Ulterior Motive for Leaking Watergate's Secrets

9-9-2017         Philippines: Abusive ‘Drug War’ Targets Children

9-9-2017         Saudi government allegedly funded a ‘dry run’ for 9/11

9-9-2017         Republicans tuck new deregulation of campaign financing into House spending bills

9-8-2017         US: Pakistan's Largest Bank Ordered to Close its US Branch for Compliance Failures

9-8-2017         Sheriff Forced to Pay After Ordering Raid on Blogger Who Criticized Him

9-7-2017         Teen marijuana use falls to 20-year low, defying legalization opponents’ predictions

9-7-2017         Son of Philippines' Duterte linked to $125 million drug shipment as his father's drug war kills thousand

9-7-2017         DOJ watchdog: Tennessee spent $110K in seized funds on catering

9-6-2017         First Cannabis Ad Runs on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC

9-6-2017         Brazil former presidents Lula and Rousseff charged in corruption case

9-6-2017         Russians Flock to Trump Properties to Give Birth to U.S. Citizens

9-5-2017         Under conditions, Colombia’s largest paramilitary group seeks surrender

9-5-2017         Azerbaijan accused of $2.9bn money-laundering scheme

9-4-2017         Venezuelan dissident turns to K Street for help

9-3-2017         Justice Department confirms no evidence Obama wiretapped Trump Tower

9-1-2017         DOJ is secretly using IRS to investigate Colorado pot shops in guise of audits, lawsuit says

9-1-2017         New Jersey Senator Menendez fails to win breaks in corruption trial

8-31-2017       Comey drafted conclusion in Hillary Clinton probe before key interviews, top Republicans say

8-30-2017       Bombshell Documents Reveal Secret Plan Between City of Charlestown, Ind. and Private Developer

8-30-2017       Nevada Plans to Use Fentanyl in Upcoming Execution

8-30-2017       Lawyers in East Bay corruption case see racial profiling in FBI stings

8-29-2017       Dismissal Upheld by D.C. Appeals Court in Gary Johnson Lawsuit Regarding Presidential Debates

8-29-2017       How Pentagon Officials May Have Encouraged a 2009 Coup in Honduras

8-29-2017       Charlie Dent is making a losing bet with his online gaming ban | Opinion

8-29-2017       Ex-Honduran cabinet official pleads guilty in U.S. money laundering case

8-29-2017       Members of Congress scoring personal loans from political supporters

8-28-2017       It’s personal: Uribe bashes UN anti-corruption chief in Guatemala

8-27-2017       Trump expected to lift ban on military gear to local police forces

8-25-2017       Some drug-rehab facilities aim for relapse and more money

8-25-2017       Colombia Loan Shark Network Booming in Mexico

8-25-2017       Not one Denver business has applied to become 'cannabis consumption establishment'

8-25-2017       Massive graft probe in Brazil powers electronic bracelets

8-24-2017       How we can fight back against Jeff Sessions' new highway robbery policy

8-24-2017       Philippines Drug War: Protests over death of student

8-23-2017       State withheld evidence breathalyzer machine was faulty, lawyers charge

8-23-2017       Veracruz reporter is 10th killed this year

8-22-2017       Video shows Mexico mayor threatened by drug gang

8-22-2017       APNewsBreak: Utah to obey order for DEA drug database search

8-21-2017       Can Safe Injection Sites Calm the Opioid Crisis?

8-21-2017       Follow the Money: ‘Adopting Russian Children’

8-21-2017       Former Venezuelan Attorney General Flees to Colombia, Offered Asylum

8-21-2017       Uruguay Government Defends Legal Cannabis as Bankers Boycott Distributors


8-17-2017       The Sessions Letters: Read the U.S. attorney general’s missives to the first four states to legalize marijuana

8-17-2017       Drug Production is Booming in Paraguay, and so is Drug Violence

8-17-2017       Bolivia's Morales Goes Down an Ugly Road

8-16-2017       The FDA Wants to Know What You Think About CBD

8-16-2017       Experts Think This Is Why Scotland Has The Highest Drug-Related Death Rate In The EU

8-16-2017       Philippines police kill 32 in bloodiest night of Duterte’s war on drugs

8-13-2017       Naloxone program continues to save lives, despite deepening crisis

8-12-2017       A government health agency is funding the first-ever study on medical marijuana’s impact on opioid abuse

8-11-2017       Poker Site Wants Card Sharks to Fold So the Rest of Us Can Win

8-10-2017       Is sex work still the most dangerous profession? The data suggests so

8-10-2017       Strong support for safe injection centers in SF

8-10-2017       Colombia’s Ombudsman urges ELN to stop kidnapping and killing civilians

8-9-2017         Study: Doctors received more than $46 million from drug companies marketing opioids

8-9-2017         Amid opioid crisis, drug firm cites WV infant rehab clinic for possible fault

8-8-2017         NJ State Senator Lesniak Wants to Open State’s Gambling Borders

8-8-2017         An Underground Safe Haven for Drug Users Has Been Operating in the U.S. for Years

8-8-2017         Law enforcement predicts seizures won’t be curbed by changes

8-7-2017         See how much lobbyists spent on Missouri lawmakers

8-7-2017         Paramilitary organizations are increasing activity in Colombia’s western state of Chocó

8-4-2017         Trump administration goes on attack against leakers, journalists

8-3-2017         Florida’s First Green Bank Is Defying Federal Regulations by Accepting Legal Weed Deposits

8-2-2017         Sessions Claims a Mysterious Task Force Is Behind His Most Controversial Reforms

8-1-2017         A Peek Behind the World Bank’s Mask

8-1-2017         In internal memos, CIA Inspector General portrayed the media as Agency’s “principal villains”

7-31-2017       CIA’s Guide To Other Country’s Elections: Why Jamaican “National Hero” Michael Manley worried the Agency


7-31-2017       Strengthening US police to seize cash, cars poses threat to migrants, poor: critics

7-30-2017       Las Vegas Sands Is Losing Its Grip on Macau's Gambling Market

7-30-2017       Chapo Guzman’s Possible Successor Turns Himself in to US Authorities

7-30-2017       Mexican authorities rescue 147 U.S.-bound migrants abandoned in Veracruz

7-30-2017       Suit against 2 psychologists over harsh CIA interrogations appears headed for trial

7-27-2017       Vegas Gambler Billy Walters Gets 5 Years for Insider Trading

7-27-2017       Iran plans to decriminalise drug use allowing government to give diluted drugs to addicts

7-25-2017       Philippine President’s Appalling Threat to Bomb Tribal Schools

7-25-2017       Federal lawsuit against Sessions and DEA says marijuana’s Schedule I status unconstitutional

7-24-2017       DEA solicited applications to grow marijuana for research. It hasn’t approved one

7-24-2017       Vintage FBI surveillance van listed for sale on eBay

7-23-2017       EXCLUSIVE: FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home

7-22-2017       Cartel training camp shut down in Jalisco

7-21-2017       How Fake Cops Got $1.2 Million in Real Weapons

7-21-2017       California Takes First Step to Legalize Sports Betting

7-20-2017       On Civil Asset Forfeiture, Jeff Sessions Is the New Kamala Harris

7-20-2017       Jay Leno drives a car made out of cannabis

7-19-2017       Body camera footage shows officer planting drugs, public defender says

7-18-2017       Absolute Poker’s Scott Tom Takes $300,000 Plea Deal as DOJ Closes Books on 10th of 11 Black Friday Defendants

7-17-2017       Trump-Shaped Ecstasy Pills Have Showed Up on the Dark Web

7-17-2017       Colorado appeals court rules scent of marijuana not enough to search vehicle

7-17-2017       US drops all charges against Calvin Ayre

7-15-2017       FBI Made Him Into a Cocaine Dealer, Now ‘White Boy Rick’ Is Going Free After 30 Years

7-14-2017       Real-time drug tests at music festivals show 'Molly' often isn't 'Molly'

7-13-2017       Connecticut Now On Deck For Sports Betting, As Governor Signs Bill Into Law

7-13-2017       No, Oregon Isn't Decriminalizing Heroin & Cocaine — But It Should

7-13-2017       Secretive lobbying group heads to Denver next week. Here’s what you need to know

7-12-2017       Senators Say DEA Should Rein in Opioid Quotas to Stop Abuse

7-12-2017       Democratic senator joins federal online gambling witch hunt

7-11-2017       Santos decrees amnesty for 3500 FARC rebels, 1400 guerrillas expected in court

7-10-2017       Another court confirms constitutional right to record cops

7-10-2017       Scandal rocks N.O.-based narcotics task force

7-9-2017         Convicted ex-lawmakers enjoy access as lobbyists

7-8-2017         Hospice firm pays $2.4 million after Atlanta whistleblowers cry fraud

7-8-2017         Wow! 92% of Patients Prefer Medical Marijuana to Opioids, New Survey Shows

7-7-2017         New Jersey’s odds on sports betting suddenly look pretty good

7-7-2017         Whistleblower: “The NSA Is Still Collecting the Full Content Of U.S. Domestic E-Mail, Without a Warrant …”

7-6-2017         Recusal of Jeff Sessions from online gambling debate is bittersweet for bettors

7-6-2017         Federal ethics watchdog, who clashed with Trump, resigns

7-5-2017         Rogue Colombian FARC rebels release U.N. hostage after 2 months

7-5-2017         Marijuana Credit Union Wins Small Victory In Effort To Solve Colorado’s Pot Banking Problem

7-3-2017         Lawmaker eyes sports betting decision

7-1-2017         Midnight marijuana: Nevada celebrates first legal sales

6-30-2017       Adelson-Backed Lobbying Against Web Gaming Makes Sessions Fold

6-29-2017       In Mega-Operation, 96 Police Officers to be Arrested in Rio

6-29-2017       I was a lobbyist for more than 6 years. I quit. My conscience couldn’t take it anymore.

6-29-2017       Detroit Police Sued Again For Shooting Dogs During a Marijuana Raid

6-28-2017       An Inside View of Getting the Wrongfully Convicted Exonerated

6-27-2017       New Jersey’s Appeal of Sports Betting Ban Heads to Supreme Court

6-27-2017       Colombia’s anti-corruption chief arrested on money laundering charges filed in Miami

Read more here:

6-27-2017       Uzbekistan: Forced Labor Linked to World Bank

6-26-2017       Drug Violence: 2,000 Dead Bodies Found Buried in Hidden Graves in Mexico Since 2009

6-25-2017       AP analysis shows how gerrymandering benefited GOP in 2016

6-23-2017       Mexican Legislator Linked To ‘El Chapo’ Guzman Detained In San Diego

6-23-2017       Seven Reasons Why The New Jersey Sports Betting Case May Get Its Day In The Supreme Court

6-23-2017       Murders spike in Mexico, with May deadliest month in many decades

6-21-2017       Mexico's monthly murder rate reaches 20-year high

6-21-2017       Killer cop says Philando Castile’s ‘audacity to smoke marijuana’ in front of a child made him fear for his life

6-20-2017       Rep. Dent Tries Again to Sneak Online Gambling Ban Through Congress

6-19-2017       Using Texts as Lures, Government Spyware Targets Mexican Journalists and Their Families

6-19-2017       Vermont Lawmakers Scheduled to Hold 2-Day Veto Session

6-17-2017       Caught in the crossfire of armed gangs in Colombia

6-15-2017       Former Mexican President Ridicules Justice Department’s Cannabis Policy

6-14-2017       Former Senator Dives Into The Swamp With Lobbying Work For Alleged Macedonian Front Group

6-13-2017       Colombia's Farc hand over a further 30% of weapons

6-13-2017       Portland police had suspect name, sex assault kit in 2011, but it took 5 years to test evidence

6-12-2017       Exclusive: Sessions Asks Congress To Undo Medical Marijuana Protections

6-12-2017       Ignoring those who cannot pay: Addressing inadequate defense for indigent defendants

6-12-2017       Former Panamanian president Ricardo Martinelli arrested in Coral Gables

6-9-2017         Kentucky-grown hemp will insulate the walls of this house

6-9-2017         Spokane public defender recognized for dedication to helping poor defendants

6-8-2017         Jeff Sessions Says Social Media, Encrypted Apps Hamper War on 'Modern Slavery'

6-8-2017         NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL Unions Prepare for Sports Gambling

6-7-2017         Meet the Texas Lawmaker Fighting Trump on Civil Asset Forfeiture

6-6-2017         Colombia’s paramilitaries taking over the south of Bogota: report

6-5-2017         Sands Bethlehem casino waging ad war against tavern gambling

6-4-2017         'I Don't Regret Expelling the DEA from Bolivia': Evo Morales

6-3-2017         US offers FBI help to train Mexican police

6-2-2017         International Whores Day to be marked in Sydney

6-1-2017         Private prison industry converts Florida inmates into very profitable commodities

6-1-2017         Colombian police drop reward leaflets for drug lord

6-1-2017         ACLU: South Carolina County Is Operating Debtors Prison




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