5-31-2017       House Overwhelmingly Supports Bill Subjecting Teen Sexters to 15 Years in Federal Prison

5-31-2017       Ohio sues 5 major drug manufacturers for contributing to opioid crisis

5-31-2017       SD Attorney General Foiled in Bid to Prosecute Tribal Marijuana Industry Consultant

5-30-2017       Cocaine comes roaring back to South Florida — and then some

5-30-2017       Officials In Obama’s Drug Czar Office Wanted To Decriminalize Marijuana

5-30-2017       Grandmother Who Lost Her Home Because Her Son Sold Marijuana Wins Pennsylvania Supreme Court Case

5-28-2017       'They treat everyone like criminals': US asylum fails reporter fleeing Mexico

5-27-2017       Medical marijuana could cost big pharma $4 billion a year

5-26-2017       U.S. Says Hezbollah Associate Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering Conspiracy

5-26-2017       Opioid maker agrees to $1.6 million settlement in deceptive-advertising case, officials say

5-25-2017       Arizona Gov. Vetoes Monumental Hemp Bill

5-24-2017       NPR - Planet Money - Episode 773: Slot Flaw Scofflaws

5-24-2017       Iraq: US military admits failures to monitor over $1 billion worth of arms transfers

5-24-2017       Trump Called Rodrigo Duterte to Congratulate Him on His Murderous Drug War: “You Are Doing an Amazing Job”

5-22-2017       The Last Vestige of ‘Jim Crow’ Justice

5-21-2017       Informant says he was planted in Orange County jail to snitch

5-19-2017       Hickenlooper to sign hemp bill into law in Cortez

5-19-2017       Justice Department seeks increase in private prison beds      

5-18-2017       Largest Right-Wing Paramilitary Group Plans Attacks on 2 Colombian Cities

5-18-2017       Senate passes bill restricting gifts from pharma companies to doctors

5-18-2017       Ex-Oakland officer ordered to trial in police sex scandal after teen’s testimony

5-17-2017       Amsterdam mayor opens brothel to improve working conditions of sex workers

5-16-2017       Congressman calls for Supreme Court review of betting case

5-15-2017       Hundreds flee gang warfare in Honduras' murder city

5-15-2017       Noted journalist Javier Valdez killed in Mexico's Sinaloa

5-14-2017       Microsoft president blasts NSA for its role in 'WannaCry' computer ransom attack

5-14-2017       Adelson to give testimony on alleged media deal in Netanyahu corruption case

5-13-2017       Federal sports betting case ends with no prison time

5-13-2017       Russian money-laundering details remain in the dark as US settles fraud case

5-13-2017       Alleged killing by Mexican soldier jeopardizes security law

5-12-2017       Jury Awards Former Escort $1.7 Million For Invasion Of Privacy

5-11-2017       Colombia ombudsman urges authorities to curb cop killing spree

5-11-2017       Two Florida universities get initial OK to grow hemp for research

5-10-2017       Vermont becomes first state to pass legislation legalizing all pot use

5-10-2017       Affidavit: Laxalt contradicted deputy's opinion, tried to persuade gaming chief to help Adelson in lawsuit

5-8-2017         Police unfairly target black residents in Mississippi county, lawsuit claims

5-6-2017         John Morgan after medical marijuana legislation dies: Ben Pollara 'f*cked' the patients

5-6-2017         Former NSA executive urges public vigilance against government overreach

5-5-2017         Gulbaddin Hekmatyar, leader of Hezb-i-Islami, speaks in Kabul 

5-4-2017         ‘Cocaine Cowboy’ indicted in $1.67 million car fraud ring

5-2-2017         Mexico captures Sinaloa Cartel leader 'El Licenciado'

5-2-2017         Feds Play Civil Forfeiture Card in Texas Car Dealer’s Alleged Illegal Sports Betting Ring Asset Grab


4-29-2017      Nevada Gaming Revenues Jump on March Madness Betting Gains

4-29-2017      Augustin Edwards Eastman, 89, Chilean publisher who worked with CIA while backing Pinochet

4-29-2017      The long-anticipated return of Afghan warlord Gulbiddin Hekmatyar is here

4-27-2017      Ga. Lawmaker Runs Underground Cannabis Network

4-26-2017      Obama to be paid $400,000 for Cantor Fitzgerald speech

4-25-2017      Attorney General Jeff Sessions Considering Federal Online Gambling Ban

4-25-2017      DOJ inspector general: Privately run federal prison poses safety risks for inmates, prisoners

4-25-2017      This App is Helping Argentine Sex Workers Protect Themselves from Police Harassment

4-21-2017      GEO Group Gives Money to Trump, Gets $110M Immigration Prison Contract

4-21-2017      Michigan makes it illegal for undercover police to have sex with prostitutes they are investigating

4-20-2017      Marijuana legalization support at all-time high

4-19-2017      Dad and Daughter Hauled Off Plane Because Passenger Assumed He Was Sex Trafficking Her

4-17-2017      FBI Agrees to Give Records to Anti-War Reporters

4-17-2017      Might U.S. AG Jeff Sessions Kill Online Poker?

4-16-2017      Sen. Lou D’Allesandro: State’s residents want casino gambling

4-16-2017      Sweeping change at DOJ under Sessions

4-15-2017      ‘Nobody’s got to use the Internet’: A GOP lawmaker’s response to concerns about Web privacy

4-15-2017      Trump is Hiring Lobbyists and Top Ethics Official Says ‘There’s No Transparency’

4-14-2017      Lobbyists give Georgia lawmakers a $400,000 buffet

4-13-2017      Heroin Crisis: Nevada Becomes First State to Install Syringe Vending Machines

4-13-2017      Last ‘Cocaine Cowboy’ Gustavo Falcon Arrested After 26 Years as Fugitive

4-12-2017      AP Exclusive: UN child sex ring left victims but no arrests

4-12-2017      Private Prisons Can’t Block Sunlight on ‘Bed Quota’

4-11-2017      Solicitor General’s Office Met With NJ Attorneys Over Sports Betting

4-11-2017      The DEA chief will ‘have to check’ whether DEA lets drugs into communities on purpose. (It does.)


4-10-2017      Over 30 NFL Players Were Fined for Arm Wrestling in Las Vegas

4-8-2017        How a private prisons corporation is creeping into Alabama

4-8-2017        Otter vetoes asset forfeiture, invasive species, cosmetology bills

4-7-2017        Coastal Carolina University suspends entire cheerleading squad amid prostitution allegations

4-7-2017        President vows 2-rank promotion, pardon for police who kill drug lords

4-6-2017        Lawsuits over police use of police informants move forward

4-5-2017        The IRS took millions from innocent people because of how they managed their bank accounts, inspector general finds    

4-5-2017        This sunny Florida town has a shady reputation for fueling America’s illegal drug trade

4-3-2017        Has bail reform in America finally reached a tipping point?

4-2-2017        Honduran drug lord cuts deal with US

4-2-2017        Mexican newspaper closes citing insecurity for journalists

4-1-2017        DEA asks Colorado AG’s office for info on marijuana crimes, “for the new administration”    

4-1-2017        Ex-congressman Stockman headed complex criminal conspiracy, feds allege

4-1-2017        Whistleblower Takes On The Dirtiest Bank In The World (Full Interview)

3-31-2017     Mexico court orders drug lord Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo freed

3-31-2017     Permitting police to use drones with deadly weapons mulled in one state

3-30-2017     State Department Employee Accused of Aiding Chinese Intelligence Agents

3-29-2017     Vote correlation: Internet privacy resolution and telecom contributions

3-28-2017     Congress just voted to let internet providers sell your browsing history  

3-28-2017     Detroit police blame the war on drugs for high dog-killing rates

3-28-2017     Senator Launches Probe Into Opioid Manufacturers' Practices

3-27-2017     Facial recognition database used by FBI is out of control, House committee hears

3-25-2017     Top crime experts around the US urge Trump to please just use some science

3-24-2017     A pharma company that spent $500,000 trying to keep pot illegal just got DEA approval for synthetic marijuana

3-24-2017     Marijuana organizations given green light on political donations


3-22-2017     Trump withdraws reappointment nomination of popular whistleblower advocate

3-22-2017     Trump Tower Wiretapped During Russian Mafia Gambling Probe

3-20-2017     Mexico drug war investigators unearth 47 more skulls in mass graves

3-17-2017     Son of Sinaloa drug lord missing from prison in Mexico

3-17-2017     Another ND gambling bill flies under the radar

3-16-2017     Prosecutors Made Massachusetts’ Drug Lab Scandal Much, Much Worse

3-15-2017     Kansas Supreme Court Declares Reclined Seats Suspicious

3-15-2017     House passes third hemp bill with changes sought by governor

3-14-2017     Sports Betting Is Starting to Look a Lot More Like Wall Street

3-13-2017     NCAA Tournament expected to draw record $10.4 billion in bets

3-13-2017     ‘Bad Guy List’ warns prostitutes, gives tips on staying safe

3-13-2017     Toronto health officials recommend prescribing heroin to opioid addicts


3-12-2017     Mobsters could walk free after feds potentially botch case

3-12-2017     In the shadows of the red light: Why Holland isn't the sex worker haven you think it is

3-10-2017     Scott Gottlieb, a doctor with ties to the drug industry, is picked to lead the FDA

3-10-2017     Forced displacement growing in Colombia despite peace agreement

3-8-2017       Nicaragua has found a new way to protect sex workers

3-8-2017       The US government is worried 'El Chapo' Guzman's legal team may have cartel infiltrators

3-7-2017       Drug trafficker says he bribed Honduran president and son

3-7-2017       WikiLeaks Releases Trove of Alleged C.I.A. Hacking Documents

3-6-2017       U.S. senator calls for investigation of DEA enforcement slowdown amid opioid crisis

3-6-2017       Justice Thomas sharply criticizes civil forfeiture laws

3-4-2017       American cocaine use is way up. Colombia’s coca boom might be why.

3-3-2017       Lawmakers target hotels, motels that tolerate prostitution

3-2-2017       Seven Baltimore Police officers indicted on federal racketeering charges     

3-1-2017       HSBC fights to keep company report private

2-28-2017     Feds threaten to shut down giant Las Vegas marijuana festival

2-26-2017     NYPD remembers Edward Byrne, cop whose assassination sparked city crackdown on drug trade

2-25-2017     Judge rules to keep ID of informant in NJ Weedman case private

2-24-2017     Oklahoma Police Chief to Trump: Reform the Laws Letting Police Take Americans’ Property

2-23-2017     Internet poker company founder pleads not guilty to US charges

2-23-2017     How a Colombian murder led a Miami law firm to Mexican narco-cash in Texas

2-22-2017     FBI Authorized Informants To Commit Crime While At The Refuge

2-22-2017     5 facts about crime in the U.S.

2-20-2017     Sadek pleased with progress of criminal informant bill in ND legislature

2-18-2017     DEA agent: ‘We had no leadership’ in WV amid flood of pain pills

2-17-2017     Why Corporations are Too Big to Jail in the Drug War

2-16-2017     South Dakota hemp bill advances despite Public Safety warning that hemp sends “mixed messages” to kids

2-16-2017     Colorado police defeat forfeiture oversight proposal

2-15-2017     Brandon Steven, 2010 WSOP Main Event Top-10 Poker Player, Subject of Federal Investigation

2-15-2017     Police chief interrupts asset forfeiture news conference

2-14-2017     Celeb Costa Rica Gambling Ring Members Fear They’ve Been Caught in Mob Wiretaps

2-11-2017     Hemp Highway: New Tour on history of hemp in KY hits locally

2-10-2017     Mississippi daily fantasy sports tax bill hurdles House while lottery bill fumbles

2-10-2017     Pennsylvania omnibus gaming bill includes online gambling, DFS

2-10-2017     New Jersey Gambling Regulator Fines PokerStars for Geolocation Failure

2-10-2017     Revealed: FBI terrorism task force investigating Standing Rock activists

2-10-2017     Former CIA Analyst Sues Defense Department to Vindicate NSA Whistleblowers

2-9-2017       Trump Does Not Know What Civil Forfeiture Is, but He Likes It

2-9-2017       Really? Shuttering ‘online brothel’ Backpage could hurt law enforcement

2-8-2017       New York I-Poker Bill Would Define Game As Skill

2-8-2017       FARC Play Dominoes as Drug Cartels Occupy Colombian Villages

2-8-2017       First person in drug diversion program: 'It’s giving me a chance ... to get life back on track'

2-7-2017       President Duterte Is Repeating My Mistakes

2-3-2017       Hawaii lawmakers consider bill that would legalize prostitution industry

2-2-2017       Sweet Revenge? US Officials Retaliate Against 2,000 Whistleblowers Per Year

2-2-2017       Knuckles’ article about opioid overdose drug is very good news

2-1-2017       Betting tout Adam Meyer may have been federal snitch after all

1-31-2017     Low-profile Trump appointee could take New Jersey’s quest for legal sports betting to Supreme Court

1-30-2017     Commentary: Pa. must approve online gaming

1-30-2017     As opioid deaths rise, pharma firm hikes price of antidote more than six-fold

1-28-2017     Hawaii Attempts To Regulate Online Gambling

1-27-2017     Three states join push for expanded sports betting in US

1-27-2017     Awash in overdoses, Seattle creates safe sites for addicts to inject illegal drugs

1-26-2017     Father of Most Unethical Gambling Law, Bob Goodlatte, Wanted to Gut Ethics Committee

1-26-2017     Bill would require prosecutors to fess up to confidential informant deals

1-26-2017     Accused Colombian drug lord says he was secretly working for the feds

1-22-2017     ‘It’s your lucky day’: CPD offers heroin addicts a 2nd chance

1-20-2017     Document: Colombian drug traffickers expected to testify against 'El Chapo' Guzman

1-19-2017     Injecting Drugs, Under a Watchful Eye

1-19-2017     Can Cannabis Chewing Gum Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

1-18-2017     Antigua and Barbuda Governor-General Addresses Decade-Long U.S.-WTO Dispute

1-17-2017     Supreme Court delays NJ sports betting decision


1-14-2017     Mexico drug lord told to pay $1M in DEA agent's 1985 murder

1-13-2017     Drug diversion program is the right step

1-12-2017     Internet gambling helps Atlantic City casinos post first revenue hike in 10 years

1-12-2017     Thanks, Obama: NSA to stream raw intelligence into FBI, DEA and pals

1-12-2017     Judge vindicates Minneapolis attorney's quest for more information on opioids

1-12-2017     Cocaine gang war drives Brazil prison bloodbaths

1-11-2017     Proposed Senate bill looks to define and tax 'chance' games

1-10-2017     Heroin-assisted treatment in Switzerland: successfully regulating the supply and use of a high-risk injectable drug

1-10-2017     City ends needle exchange after nearly three decades

1-10-2017     Incoming AG Jeff Sessions Said He Was 'Shocked' By Regulated Online Poker Opinion

1-6-2017       U.S. Online Gambling Progress Carries Over into 2017

1-6-2017       As state promotes more gambling, it OKs six centers for gambling addiction

1-4-2017       Indiana Marijuana Advocates Go to Court—Just for the Right to Protest

1-4-2017       End the war on sex — another prohibition fail

1-2-2017       Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to pull pot shops out of banking limbo

1-1-2017       How Trump could exact revenge against the NFL

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