12-31-2016  Brian Saady: Beware of license plate reader program

12-29-2016  Judge rejects daily fantasy sports company’s argument that its products are illegal

12-28-2016  New Jersey Makes Case to Supreme Court on Sports Betting

12-25-2016  EXCLUSIVE: Alleged mob goon told gambler 'you'd be dead' if he wasn't white, feds say

12-23-2016  Rodrigo Duterte Will Shutter Online Gambling in the Philippines

12-22-2016  (VIDEO) COMBATING HARM: Battling the Heroin Epidemic With the Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction

12-22-2016  Colorado law group takes stand against DEA regarding CBD hemp oil

12-22-2016  Surrey hero has reversed 113 overdoses amid fentanyl crisis

12-21-2016  Teen Marijuana Use in Colorado and Washington Dropped More Than the National Average in 2014-2015

12-20-2016  No strong evidence vs drug suspects, Duterte admits

12-18-2016  Florida needs to expand, fund needle exchange program

12-17-2016  Providence vigil remembers sex workers lost to violence

12-17-2016  NSA Watchdog Said Snowden Could Have Come to Him. Now, Whistleblower Retaliation Has Him in Hot Water

12-15-2016  Kamala Harris upstaged by Backpage: Sacramento judge dismisses attorney general’s case against online classified portal

12-14-2016  New study determines opening a supervised injection facility for people who inject drugs could save millions

12-13-2016  Federal Report Finds Lowest Teen Cannabis Consumption Rate Since 1993

12-11-2016  The Number of Marijuana Jobs Could Triple in the Years to Come

12-11-2016  DEA dismissed its own misconceptions about pot, group says

12-9-2016    How Sands owner Sheldon Adelson lost $3 billion in 30 minutes

12-6-2016    Pennsylvania will allow industrial hemp to be grown at up to 30 test sites in 2017

12-5-2016    Iowa disbands forfeiture team, OKs $60,000 settlement

12-5-2016    Ten Attorneys General Ask Trump to Support Anti-Online Poker Push

12-5-2016    Colombia indicts 725 ex-paramilitaries for over 22000 war crimes

12-4-2016    Feds quietly seized millions from online casinos' money movers

11-30-2016  Did the DEA Nab an International Weapons Dealer, or a CIA Asset Hung Out to Dry?

11-30-2016  Coast brothel opens up to change 'prostitution stigma'

11-29-2016  F.D.A. Agrees to New Trials for Ecstasy as Relief for PTSD Patients

11-29-2016  Florida's prison agency to settle whistleblower lawsuit

11-28-2016  Why we hate the FARC (and not so the paramilitaries)

11-28-2016  Libertarian lawyer enters fight against Indiana's civil forfeiture law

11-28-2016  Cops went crazy on teens after blaming them for botched hooker sting: suit

11-28-2016  'Consider legalising all drugs' says police boss Arfon Jones

11-26-2016  Copenhagen sex ambulance is safe space for capital’s red-light workers

11-26-2016  How DEA Informers Sparked a Massacre in Mexico

11-25-2016  Ohio Attorney General announces price freeze on naloxone spray

11-25-2016  Ex-big pharma executive behind OxyContin sells medical marijuana

11-22-2016  Costa Rican drug traffickers connected to Italian mob plead guilty to shipping cocaine to the U.S.

11-21-2016  Nottingham sex workers warning of dangerous clients on safety website

11-21-2016  It's time to decriminalize drugs, commission report says

11-21-2016  Tippecanoe County Goes For Syringe Services Program, Lafayette Mayor Vents Frustrations

11-19-2016  Report: ARI prison-diversion program so far saves taxpayers over $75 million

11-18-2016  Marijuana breathalyzer being developed

11-17-2016  To battle drug-traffickers, Argentina takes a risk and uses military

11-15-2016  New Haven rally will call for decriminalizing prostitution

11-15-2016  Denver Votes To Make Marijuana Cafes A Real Thing

11-14-2016  EDC Orlando Was a Win for the Harm Reduction Movement

11-14-2016  Colombia's Santos Mulls Peace Pact With Escobar-Linked Paramilitary Groups

11-13-2016  How quickly will recreational marijuana be available for sale in Nevada?

11-11-2016  Colorado becomes first state outside of Nevada to allow fantasy football-style pari-mutuel wagering

11-10-2016  Citing Themselves as a Top Factor in Prescribed Opioid Abuse, 73% of US Physicians Want More Alternative Therapies and Less Meds, Says New Data from InCrowd

11-10-2016  Mobile sex clinic to care for Copenhagen’s sex workers

11-8-2016    Mexico El Chapo: New legal bid to stop drug lord's extradition to US

11-8-2016    San Diego Company Bids to Become First Marijuana Business on NYSE

11-7-2016    Online Gaming Less Addicting Than Gambling, New Study Concludes

11-4-2016    Plans move forward for drug court

11-3-2016    Qui Nguyen wins World Series of Poker Main Event

11-3-2016    Raided but never charged, cannabis distributor seeks return of seized assets

11-3-2016    Emerging Leaders of Gaming Webinar

11-3-2016    Marijuana at the Polls Poses Headache for Regulators, Catnip for Firms

11-2-2016    Illinois Sheriff Passes Off Japanese Candy As Marijuana-Infused Halloween Treat

11-1-2016    Rapper behind song 'Sell Drugz' is accused of selling drugs

10-29-2016  Alaska's First Pot Shop Opens to a Long Line of Customers

10-29-2016  Millions in political donations fueled by matching bonuses at Boston law firm

10-28-2016  Poker Players Alliance’s John Pappas Urges Pennsylvania to Pass iGaming Bill

10-27-2016  Is That Home Near a Meth House?

10-27-2016  North Carolina Woman Wins $1 Million After Buying Tickets to Teach Husband a Lesson About Lotteries

10-26-2016  Bill Walters wants leak inquiry to gain information from prosecutors



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