• Every 25 seconds someone is arrested for drug possession
  • The drug war serves as a pretense behind the 4,000 U.S. troops who are stationed throughout Latin America. 
  • Federal agents often use the technicalities of money laundering laws to target law-abiding, legal marijuana dispensaries.






  • History has proven that gambling laws have been no more successful than the prohibition of alcohol or the drug war.

  • In some instances, casino groups have clandestinely funded anti-gambling campaigns to crush their competition.

  • Social gambling among friends, in which the host neither profits nor has a “house edge,” is banned in 23 states! 



  • Criminalizing prostitution increases violence against sex workers, burdens taxpayers, and reduces effective harm reduction output.
  • The top human rights and health NGOs recommend decriminalization including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, World Health Organization, UNAIDS.    




Brian Saady

Brian Saady earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Florida State University which led him to a rewarding career in business. He has successful experience in sales, marketing, and management.


Brian is a freelance writer and an author. He is a self-proclaimed news junkie who has a fresh, unfiltered perspective that resides securely outside of the confines of partisan politics. That indepedent spirit is evident as his work has been published by a variety of news outlets spanning a wide spectrum of political ideologies. Some of those publications include CounterPunch, AntiWar.com, The American Conservative, The Palm Beach Post, among others.


His research-intensive approach is immediately apparent to readers. He believes that the most relevant information is often hidden in the stories or reports that were either censored or neglected by the corporate media. Not to mention, he strives to offer the proper context, as it is lost too frequently in the social-media-driven, 24-hour news cycle of today. Furthermore, he prides himself on providing a truly transparent experience for the reader by providing extensive documentation.


Exposing political corruption and crony capitalism are the primary objectives of this author. His personal philosophy is deeply rooted in upholding human rights and civil liberties. Brian Saady’s research spans across a diverse group of topics, including business, geopolitics, economics, history, political science, etc.  


Interestingly, the most significant creative influence for this author didn’t come from another writer, per se. George Carlin published several books, but he is best known for his stand-up comedy career. George Carlin was an iconic wordsmith. His boundary-breaking, no-holds-barred approach and his willingness to truly speak his mind were an inspiration to so many people.

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