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2-17-2019       Pakistan questions India's 'security lapses' after Kashmir attack

2-16-2019       Cops lied, people died. Here’s how HPD can restore Houston’s trust

2-15-2019       FBI is dismantling its war crimes unit

2-14-2019       Insys executives used rap video to push sales of potentially lethal opioid

2-14-2019       Russia: Anti-Corruption Activist Beaten to Death

2-13-2019       A path to justice in the ISIS murders of two journalists

2-12-2019       Top US military chief warns of Chinese activity at Patagonia space station

2-11-2019       Guatemala Must Not Grant Amnesty To War Criminals

2-11-2019       Sen. Wiener to introduce California bill protecting victimized sex workers

2-8-2019         Ex-Detroit homicide cop found with locker of evidence

2-8-2019         A Tennessee clinic swindled the military out of $65M. This is how it got caught

2-6-2019         U.S. Prosecutors Block Opioid 'Safe Injection Site' In Philadelphia

2-6-2019         Bay Area psychiatrist indicted in disability fraud scheme

2-6-2019         China hacked Norway's Visma cloud software provider

2-6-2019         Son Of Ex-Kyrgyz Envoy Jailed For Three Years For U.S. Weapons Smuggling

2-6-2019         Who is Florida’s first director of cannabis?

2-5-2019         Corrupt Guatemalans’ GOP Lifeline

2-5-2019         The US shipped weapons and secrets to the Saudis and Emiratis. Now, some are in the hands of fighters linked to al Qaeda and Iran.

2-5-2019         Dirty money driving up rent in big European cities, MEPs told

2-3-2019         US fake university: India anger after students arrested

2-2-2019         Trump Sought a Loan During the 2016 Campaign. Deutsche Bank Said No.

2-1-2019         Erik Prince-linked security company announces investment in Xinjiang

1-29-2019       The Making of Juan Guaidó: How the US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader

1-28-2019       $1.5 trillion U.S. tax cut has no major impact on business capex plans: survey

1-28-2019       TAKEN: How police departments make millions by seizing property

1-26-2019       Undercover agents target cybersecurity watchdog

1-25-2019       Why I Sued My Commander-in-Chief, President Obama

1-24-2019       Officials rejected Jared Kushner for top secret security clearance, but were overruled

1-24-2019       US and Russia Spar Over Accused Crypto-Launderer

1-22-2019       Italy Wants to Sanction France for Creating Migrant Crisis by Colonizing Africa

1-22-2019       Mexico's murder rate broke new record in 2018 as drug war drags on

1-22-2019       Journalist Jovo Martinovic’s Conviction on Drug Trafficking Charges a Worrying Sign for Press Freedom in Montenegro

1-20-2019       Rheinmetall plans to sue Germany over Saudi arms embargo: Spiegel

1-19-2019       Despite shutdown, DOJ moves forward with land-grab cases for border fence

1-19-2019       UN experts: Fuel from Iran is financing Yemen rebels’ war

1-19-2019       Cuba, Colombia face standoff over extradition request for ELN rebels

1-18-2019       From jail, crime bosses blow up bridges and set petrol stations on fire

1-18-2019       Former Chávez Bodyguard Moves out of the Shadows and into the Good Life

1-18-2019       Hacking Through Venezuela’s Thick Foreign Exchange Jungle

1-16-2019       Famed Naples pizzeria latest target of bombs linked to mob

1-16-2019       4 Elwyn Supervisors Face Charges in $920K Kick-Back Scheme

1-16-2019       Bombs and Bullets: Fear and Loathing in North Kosovo

1-16-2019       An American CEO who survived 9/11 died in the terror attack on a Kenya hotel

1-15-2019       Crimes without punishment in Argentina

1-15-2019       Western mercenaries ready for Syria, Russians already there

1-15-2019       U.S. charges hackers, traders with stealing SEC filings

1-14-2019       Shuttered IRS Is Sending Automated Warnings of Asset Seizures, With Nobody to Call to Stop Them

1-14-2019       Joe Lieberman Called Chinese Telecom Giant ZTE a National Security Threat. Now He’s a Lobbyist for It.

1-14-2019       Department Of Justice Reverses Wire Act Opinion That Said Law Is Limited To Sports Betting

1-13-2019       Ortega Top Supreme Court Judge Resigns, Denounces Dictatorship in Nicaragua and Takes Refuge In Costa Rica

1-12-2019       Military Intelligence Agencies Torture Dissidents’ Relatives

1-12-2019       Report: Philly narcotics cops faked paperwork to hide informants. Hundreds of cases may be challenged.

1-11-2019       Those Porky Pentagon Earmarks Never Really Went Away

1-7-2019         Chicago Seized And Sold Nearly 50,000 Cars Over Tickets Since 2011, Sticking Owners With Debt

1-7-2019         Guatemala is expelling entire anti-corruption team investigating its president

1-4-2019         Grandson of Fidel Castro shares his life of luxury aboard yachts and more on Instagram

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1-4-2019         Judge denies bail to brother of Honduran president arrested on drug charges

1-3-2019         The FBI is Trying Amazon’s Facial-Recognition Software

1-3-2019         Trump Instructs Pentagon to Curb Watchdogs' Access to Secret Military Reports

1-3-2018         Contractor With Checkered Past in Crosshairs as Democrats Take Control of House

1-3-2019         Hackers spread ISIS propaganda by hijacking dormant Twitter accounts

1-2-2019         Two Reasons to be Cheerful About Lobbyists

1-2-2019         Joe Lieberman formally registers as lobbyist for Chinese telecom giant ZTE

1-1-2019         UN: 85 FARC members killed in Colombia since peace deal

1-1-2019         DRC electoral fraud fears rise as internet shutdown continues





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