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5-29-2020       Fugitive Mexican drug lord says he has no money in legal appeal

5-29-2020       Mexico nabs gang chief allegedly behind US journalist attack

5-28-2020       More than two dozen North Korean bankers charged in $2.5 billion money-laundering scheme

5-28-2020       Shooting at smuggling warehouse in Libya kills 30 migrants

5-28-2020       French power couple given jail terms for money laundering

5-25-2020       Rohingya Refugees Smuggle Drugs for Insurgents in Myanmar

5-25-2020       Prosecutors Back Dismissal of 91 More Cases Involving the Houston Cop Who Lied to Justify a Deadly Drug Raid

5-25-2020       Japan Seeks Extradition of Carlos Ghosn's US Accomplices, Report Says

5-21-2020       Pompeo ordered officials to find a way to justify Saudi arms sale being probed by fired watchdog

5-21-2020       Russia Warplanes Reported In Libya After Local Proxy Loses Key Airbase

5-21-2020       Journalists Are Angry About Layoffs At The Atlantic, Owned By Billionaire Laurene Powell Jobs

5-18-2020       North Colombia paramilitaries had access to classified US counternarcotics documents: report

5-15-2020       Extremists step up violence in gas-rich northern Mozambique

5-15-2020       Criminal group that hacked law firm threatens to release Trump documents

5-14-2020       Lawmakers want Haitian death squad leader kept in U.S. detention

5-14-2020       Paralegal for U.S. Attorney Tipped Off Drug Cartel, Prosecutors Say

5-12-2020       EXCLUSIVE: In court filing, FBI accidentally reveals name of Saudi official suspected of directing support for 9/11 hijackers

5-8-2020         State forgives PG&E's $200M fine, despite crimes and judge's warning

5-6-2020         Why Is the Pentagon Still Paying $10 a Gallon for Gas?

5-5-2020         Warlord-Linked Sudanese Firm Hands Over Gold Mines to Government

5-5-2020         US Repatriates to Nigeria over $300m Stolen by its Ex-Dictator

5-5-2020         Syria: Major schism over control emerges within Assad family

5-1-2020         Ex-Green Beret led failed attempt to oust Venezuela’s Maduro

4-30-2020       Iran Is Hauling Gold Bars Out of Venezuela’s Almost-Empty Vaults

4-29-2020       Stealth wealth: How Assad's family and others have filled their European coffers

4-29-2020       UN rapporteur urges new probe into possible Myanmar 'war crimes'


4-23-2020       Pollo Tropical, which employs Florida congresswoman’s husband, gets small biz loan

4-23-2020       Trump Donor Hired Trump-Tied Lobbyists, Then Raked in Coronavirus Relief Cash

4-22-2020       Is an Israeli Diamond Tycoon Using Trump-adjacent Lobbyists to Subvert U.S. Foreign Policy?

4-20-2020       Epic fentanyl bust leads to kingpin, cartel and oddball cast, feds say

4-17-2020       Pirates’ raid ships in the Gulf of Mexico

4-16-2020       Why Kashmir’s new militant outfit, ‘Lashkar offshoot’, signals possible escalation of violence

4-16-2020       Turkey mob boss released while govt critics kept in prison

4-16-2020       Security forces allegedly shoot dead two Papuans at river near Freeport complex

4-15-2020       Venezuela military head has links to companies, real estate in U.S.,Venezuela worth millions

4-14-2020       BAE Systems sold £15bn worth of arms to Saudis during Yemen assault

4-14-2020       Attackers are using a Brazilian hacking tool against Spanish banks

4-14-2020       Westpac expects $900 million penalty for breaching money laundering laws

4-13-2020       Tobacco giant BAT slides on report of U.S. criminal investigation

4-13-2020       U.S. SEC charges ex-Goldman Sachs banker for bribes to Ghana officials

4-11-2020       Feds: Trucks resembling those of Arizona border-wall contractors used for smuggling

4-9-2020         How do rogue states get off the ‘terror list’? With cold, hard cash – just like the US and UK

4-10-2020       How Trump turned ventilators into a form of patronage

4-9-2020         ‘Worse than any horror film’: Inside a Los Zetas cartel ‘kitchen’

4-9-2020         Once-convicted Utah pharmacist faces new health care fraud charges

4-8-2020         El Salvador Gangs Enforce Coronavirus Lockdown With Threats Of Violence, Report Says

4-7-2020         Colombia's ambassador to Uruguay quits after drug lab discovered at his estate

4-4-2020         Coronavirus presents bonanza for kleptocrats

4-3-2020         Sheldon Silver may be finally sent to prison in June

4-3-2020         Belgian investigators drag feet on Martina Johnson; Liberia’s War Criminal

4-3-2020         Ukraine’s PrivatBank seeks $5.5bn damages from oligarchs

4-2-2020         Foreign governments use U.S. lobbyists to promote their efforts fighting the coronavirus outbreak

4-2-2020         Navy fires captain of aircraft carrier over leak of letter to leadership

4-2-2020         Twitter deletes 20,000 fake accounts linked to Saudi, Serbian and Egyptian governments

4-2-2020         Brazil: Amazon land defender Zezico Guajajara shot dead

4-1-2020         As gangs ravage Mexico town, mayor seeks answers to husband's killing

3-31-2020       Senators push Mnuchin to guarantee oversight of $500 billion coronavirus bailout fund

3-31-2020       33 Years After Dubious Evidence Helped Convict Him, Joe Bryan Has Been Released on Parole

3-31-2020       Wartime Production Law Has Been Used Routinely, but Not With Coronavirus

3-30-2020       Pentagon Asks to Keep Future Spending Secret

3-29-2020       War criminal Captain Dragan Vasiljkovic released from prison, eyes political career

3-27-2020       Scientists Sue DEA Over Alleged ‘Secret’ Document That Delayed Marijuana Research Expansion

3-27-2020       Colombian warlord: Release of death squad boss 'El Mono' from U.S. prison has Canadian victims seeking truth

3-27-2020       FBI files: Milwaukee mob boss Frank Balistrieri had close ties to Chicago Outfit

3-25-2020       Brazil gangs impose strict curfews to slow coronavirus spread

3-23-2020       PG&E to plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter in California Camp Fire

3-23-2020       Colombian death squads exploiting coronavirus lockdown to kill activists

3-21-2020       Feds: New border wall projects near Tucson to cost taxpayers $1.5 billion

3-21-2020       It looked like charity but it was actually big pharma’s way to keep drug prices high

3-21-2020       Mother and daughter arrested 'for selling body parts from funeral home'

3-21-2020       ‘Mafia planning to assassinate journalists who revealed ties between narco and Colombia’s ruling party’

3-20-2020       Las Vegas grand jury indicts former police detective and union official

3-19-2020       Man won't be tried again in 1993 fatal fire

3-19-2020       Senator Dumped Up to $1.7 Million of Stock After Reassuring Public About Coronavirus Preparedness


3-19-2020       50 Oppressive Governments Supported by the U.S. Government

3-17-2020       Grave Warning About Social Media Use Following The Arrest Of Organized Miami Burglary Ring

3-15-2020       Time to flip the script on congressional arms sales powers

3-14-2020       Inside the Golden Triangle, where warlords and drug barons reign

3-13-2020       Chile's Pinera, responding to protests, cracks down on white-collar crime

3-13-2020       Coronavirus lockdown helps Italian police nab 'leading' mobster

3-13-2020       Supreme Court petitioned on police officers' legal immunity

3-12-2020       In the midst of housing shortage, Bay Area drug kingpins lured in low-level dealers with promises of cheap rent, feds say

3-12-2020       Guinea-Bissau: Political chaos could boost cocaine trade

3-12-2020       Revealed: Monsanto’s secret funding for weedkiller studies

3-11-2020       Lobbyists, clients report $151,000 in spending on dinners, receptions

3-11-2020       AP sources: Feds wiretap former DEA supervisor in leak probe

3-11-2020       The EU’s Track & Trace Smokescreen

3-10-2020       'Runner' Behind Auto Insurance Fraud Scheme Pleads Guilty

3-10-2020       What 2008 crisis should have taught us but didn’t

3-9-2020         The Kleptocrat Next Door

3-7-2020         Multiple Saudi royal family members detained, accused of plotting coup

3-7-2020         North Carolina Insurance Executive Found Guilty of Bribery and Corruption

3-7-2020         Erik Prince Recruits Ex-Spies to Help Infiltrate Liberal Groups

3-7-2020         Public defenders should not be punished for telling the truth

3-7-2020         Colombia’s cocaine production reaches all-time high

3-6-2020         Joint Chiefs Chair Retires, Immediately Becomes Paid F-35 Cheerleader

3-6-2020         Watchdog groups call for investigation into Ros-Lehtinen's foreign lobbying work

3-6-2020         Guinea-Bissau crisis opens way to drugs traffickers

3-6-2020         Putin critic Navalny takes Russia to European court over money laundering case

3-5-2020         International Criminal Court Allows Investigation Of U.S. Actions In Afghanistan

3-5-2020         Former UAW President Gary Jones charged with embezzlement, racketeering, tax evasion

3-3-2020         Chinese cybersecurity company accuses CIA of 11-year-long hacking campaign

3-3-2020         Apple to Pay $500 Million Settlement Over Battery Scandal

3-2-2020         Russia’s State Oil Company Paid Mystery Consultant $250 Million in Iraq Deal

3-2-2020         Chinese nationals helped North Korea launder stolen cryptocurrency, US officials say

3-1-2020         75-year old U.S. man pleads guilty in Panama Papers probe

3-1-2020         Confidential informants, secret recordings reveal ex-city commissioner bribery scheme

2-29-2020       Rising Police Violence In Brazil

2-28-2020       Corporate Lobbyists Control the Rules at the DNC

2-28-2020       2 ex-church members from El Centro admit labor trafficking, benefits fraud

2-28-2020       US denies visas for Nayarit’s ex-governor and family, citing corruption

2-27-2020       Bolivia dismissed its October elections as fraudulent. Our research found no reason to suspect fraud.

2-27-2020       Corruption in Algeria: Prosecutor calls for two-year jail term for President’s son

2-25-2020       8 California Vagos biker gang members acquitted in racketeering trial


2-24-2020       Uribe tied to yet another massacre, despite extermination of paramilitary group he allegedly founded

2-21-2020       Bulgaria PM Denies Link to Suspected Money Laundering in Spain

2-21-2020       To silence a newspaper, Nicaragua’s government took away its paper and ink

2-21-2020       Some development aid gets misdirected. Did the World Bank try to suppress a paper saying so?

2-21-2020       Mexican cartel leader 'El Menchito' extradited to U.S.

2-21-2020       Former DEA agent arrested in alleged money-laundering scheme with Colombian cartel

2-20-2020       Gemcoin Founder Admits to Fraud in $147 Million Scheme

2-19-2020       Protests continue in the Dominican Republic amid e-vote scandal

2-19-2020       How to steal land the size of a small country | Part V: the Medellin elite

2-17-2020       Los Ardillos Continue Terrorizing Indigenous Communities of Guerrero, Mexico

2-15-2020       How not to steal $1.5 million: Inside an Instagram influencer’s alleged debit card scam

2-14-2020       Former Sandoz Executive Pleads Guilty in U.S. Price-Fixing Probe

2-14-2020       He showed me a lawless border town. Then masked gunmen killed him in front of his family.

2-14-2020       Ex-Raytheon engineer who took laptop with weapons data on it to China, pleads guilty

2-13-2020       Former Guatemalan Presidential Candidate Sentenced to 15 Years by U.S. Court

2-12-2020       Experts sound alarm on foreign influence on U.S. think tanks

2-12-2020       Mass killing of Colombia’s social leaders and demobilized rebels intensifies in 2020

2-11-2020       More than 2,000 killed in Afghanistan rebuilding mission: Agency

2-11-2020       ‘The intelligence coup of the century’

2-11-2020       The U.S. Military Is Not Ready for a Constitutional Crisis

2-11-2020       Newsrooms Rethink a Crime Reporting Staple: The Mugshot

2-10-2020       Golden Age of White-Collar Crime

2-7-2020         Yemen Al-Qaeda leader al-Raymi killed by US strike

2-6-2020         Armed rebel groups lobby in D.C., just like governments. How does that influence U.S. policy?

2-6-2020         UK Court Clears Extradition of Dawood Ibrahim's Aide Jabir Moti to US

2-5-2020         'They're killing us!' Mexican journalist who survived assassination demands justice from president

2-3-2020         Judge Goes Easy on Crying Cop Who Planted Drugs

2-3-2020         Jailbreak in the 'city of blood': Brazil's drug gangs overrun Paraguay

1-30-2020       Confirmed: Elliott Abrams’s Defense of Mass Murder Was Based on Lies

1-30-2020       Mexico cartels: Three suspects escape 'with help from guards'

1-29-2020       Russian PM Mishustin and Family Own $45M in Moscow Real Estate

1-27-2020       Ex Colombian international footballer (English Premier League) extradited to US on drugs charges

1-27-2020       'Robber baron' daughter of former Uzbekistan dictator is set to lose her property empire including £30m Surrey mansion as anti-corruption investigators try to seize her assets

1-24-2020       Wall Street wolf pleads guilty in $147 million pump-and-dump stock scheme

1-24-2020       Lose Your Government Device? You’ll Probably Lose Your Clearance

1-22-2020       What are the Luanda Leaks?

1-22-2020       DC claims inaugural committee spending enriched Trump family

1-19-2020       Venezuela’s Guaido to meet Pompeo in Colombia

1-19-2020       The diamond deal that rocked Angola

1-16-2020       Russian president Vladimir Putin unveils shake-up that could extend his influence as Cabinet quits

1-15-2020       Trump Tried to Kill Anti-Bribery Rule He Deemed ‘Unfair,’ New Book Alleges

1-15-2020       Ex-JPMorgan Banker Invited Erik Prince on Secret Venezuela Trip

1-14-2020       LAPD scandal over alleged gang framing expands; chief sees a ‘criminal aspect’

1-13-2020       African oligarchs turn to Asian offshore destinations

1-6-2020         DRC government to force families to leave mines




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