The Latest Headlines That Deserve More Attention with a Focus on Criminal Justice, Human Rights, and Corruption Issues

2-14-2020       Former Sandoz Executive Pleads Guilty in U.S. Price-Fixing Probe

2-14-2020       He showed me a lawless border town. Then masked gunmen killed him in front of his family.

2-12-2020       Experts sound alarm on foreign influence on U.S. think tanks

2-11-2020       ‘The intelligence coup of the century’

2-11-2020       The U.S. Military Is Not Ready for a Constitutional Crisis

2-11-2020       Newsrooms Rethink a Crime Reporting Staple: The Mugshot

2-10-2020      Golden Age of White-Collar Crime

2-7-2020         Yemen Al-Qaeda leader al-Raymi killed by US strike

2-3-2020         Judge Goes Easy on Crying Cop Who Planted Drugs

2-3-2020         Jailbreak in the 'city of blood': Brazil's drug gangs overrun Paraguay

1-30-2020       Confirmed: Elliott Abrams’s Defense of Mass Murder Was Based on Lies

1-29-2020       Russian PM Mishustin and Family Own $45M in Moscow Real Estate

1-27-2020       Ex Colombian international footballer (English Premier League) extradited to US on drugs charges

1-27-2020       'Robber baron' daughter of former Uzbekistan dictator is set to lose her property empire including £30m Surrey mansion as anti-corruption investigators try to seize her assets

1-24-2020       Wall Street wolf pleads guilty in $147 million pump-and-dump stock scheme

1-24-2020       Lose Your Government Device? You’ll Probably Lose Your Clearance

1-22-2020       What are the Luanda Leaks?

1-22-2020       DC claims inaugural committee spending enriched Trump family

1-19-2020       Venezuela’s Guaido to meet Pompeo in Colombia

1-19-2020       The diamond deal that rocked Angola

1-16-2020       Russian president Vladimir Putin unveils shake-up that could extend his influence as Cabinet quits

1-15-2020       Trump Tried to Kill Anti-Bribery Rule He Deemed ‘Unfair,’ New Book Alleges

1-15-2020       Ex-JPMorgan Banker Invited Erik Prince on Secret Venezuela Trip

1-14-2020       LAPD scandal over alleged gang framing expands; chief sees a ‘criminal aspect’

1-13-2020       African oligarchs turn to Asian offshore destinations

1-6-2020         DRC government to force families to leave mines

12-29-2019     How a Chase Bank Chairman Helped the Deposed Shah of Iran Enter the U.S.

12-28-2019     Mexico avocado war: Cartel seeks to control fruit trade


12-26-2019      How Some Sheriffs Force Their Inmates Into Medical Debt

12-24-2019      Police drop inquiry into $4bn OneCoin swindle

12-24-2019      Bloomberg campaign used prison labor to make 2020 campaign calls



12-18-2019     UAE hires its second former Samantha Power aide to defend itself at UN

12-16-2019     Jade: New Crown Jewel for Crime Groups in Guatemala
12-13-2019     El Mozote massacre: Waiting for reparations 38 years later

12-10-2019     Evanston meets its would-be economic savior, CoreCivic

12-10-2019     Security clearance loophole allowed ex-NSA hackers to work for UAE

12-10-2019     Architect of Mexico's war on drugs held in Texas for taking cartel bribes

12-9-2019       The Afghanistan Papers


12-9-2019       ‘There Were No Safety Features’: Outrage Follows New Delhi Fire


12-8-2019       Vatican Investments Linked To Global Money Laundering Investigations

12-7-2019       Lebanon's journalists suffer abuse, threats covering unrest

12-6-2019       Serbian leaders rattled by Krusik arms export scandal

12-5-2019       Indictment Details How Emirates Sought Influence in 2016 Campaign

12-5-2019       The Mets’ Would-Be Rescuer Is Far From a Hero

12-4-2019       He’s a Liar, a Con Artist and a Snitch. His Testimony Could Soon Send a Man to His Death.

12-4-2019       Germany expels Russian diplomats after murder in Berlin

12-3-2019       Was Sheldon Adelson Acting As Bag Man For The CIA?

12-3-2019       Trump’s Iran whisperer

12-3-2019       China competes with US for weapons sales to Thailand

12-3-2019       Keeping up with China: US Navy orders $22 billion worth of submarines

12-1-2019       Suriname President Bouterse sentenced to 20 years for killings

11-28-2019     How Foreign Companies Use Shell U.S. Firms To Steal Defense Secrets, Sell Weapons To The Pentagon

11-27-2019     Anatomy of a Drug War Crime: A Deadly Raid Based on a Bogus Tip and a Fraudulent Search Warrant Affidavit Highlights Loose Police Practices in Houston

11-27-2019     Thousands of Foreign Students May Have Overstayed Visas Through Employment at Possible Shell Companies

11-27-2019     How jihadists struck gold in Africa’s Sahel

11-27-2019     Exclusive: Caribbean officials linked to diplomatic passport sale

11-26-2019     In Japan, sweet potato thefts raise suspicions of yakuza involvement

11-25-2019     How a Mississippi trooper almost took down the world’s most powerful cartel boss

11-25-2019     Fraud at Israeli Military Contractor Oran Safety Glass

11-24-2019     Pentagon Fires Navy Secretary Richard Spencer Over Controversial Navy-ISIS War Case

11-24-2019     Cocaine Trade, Coups Shadow Guinea-Bissau Vote

11-23-2019     South Africa halts arms exports to Saudi Arabia and UAE

11-23-2019     Police arrest judge suspected of taking bribes from Jalisco New Generation Cartel

11-22-2019     Former San Diego sheriff’s captain, four others indicted in connection with illegal gun sales

11-22-2019     IMF: Delay Vote on Equatorial Guinea Loan

11-21-2019     Leaked Documents Say Roughly 2,000 NY Prisoners Affected By Erroneous Drug Tests

11-20-2019     Brazil seeks arrest of former Paraguay President Horacio Cartes

11-20-2019     Cartels Battle Over Mexico’s Multibillion-Dollar Avocado Industry

11-20-2019     Dirt Cheap Gasoline Is Fueling Colombia’s Cocaine Cartels

11-18-2019     Professor Who Wrote Book on Drug Crime Is Accused of Money Laundering

11-16-2019     ‘Absolutely No Mercy’: Leaked Files Expose How China Organized Mass Detentions of Muslims

11-15-2019     US Fines Former Deutsche Bank Subprime Chief Over Alleged Mortgage Fraud

11-15-2019     Bojaya massacre: After 17 years, victims' remains returned

11-14-2019     Probe: State Department Punished Staffer Over Iranian Heritage, Politics

11-14-2019     I'm the Google whistleblower. The medical data of millions of Americans is at risk

11-13-2019     UN chief: Terrorists strengthen foothold in Africa’s Sahel

11-13-2019     Elite police force spreads terror in the barrios of Venezuela

11-13-2019     U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo congratulates Bolivia's interim president

11-11-2019     Payday Lenders Suffer Rare Attack of Honesty

11-11-2019     Did Colombia’s president know he was authorizing the bombing of children?

11-11-2019     Russia: Israel okaying hacker’s extradition to US harms ties between us

11-7-2019       Turkey using Interpol to track down dissidents

11-6-2019       US: Saudis recruited Twitter workers to spy on critics

11-5-2019       Your DNA Profile is Private? A Florida Judge Just Said Otherwise

11-4-2019       A single anonymous market manipulator caused bitcoin to top $20,000 two years ago, study shows

11-4-2019       Congress, Remember the 4th Amendment? It’s Time to Stop the U.S.-UK Agreement.

11-3-2019       'We Are No Hotel for ISIS': Turkish Minister Vows to Repatriate Foreign Fighters

11-3-2019       The Money Farmers: How Oligarchs and Populists Milk the E.U. for Millions

11-3-2019       Pirates kidnap nine crew members from cargo ship off coast of Benin

11-2-2019       Smugglers are sawing through new sections of Trump’s border wall

11-2-2019       Brazilian 'forest guardian' killed by illegal loggers in ambush


10-29-2019     Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter program gets $34 billion Pentagon contract, its biggest yet

10-29-2019     WhatsApp sues Israel's NSO for allegedly helping spies hack phones around the world

10-28-2019     FedEx employee, Utah trucking companies charged in alleged bribery scheme

10-28-2019     EY: Gold, drug money and a major auditor's 'cover-up'

10-26-2019     Honduran inmate who linked president’s brother to drugs dead

10-22-2019     ‘Do or die’: Report warns banks to reinvent themselves to survive the next downturn

10-22-2019     The Buck Stops There: Postal Service Under Fire for Smuggled Cigarettes

10-21-2019     Chile on edge as worst unrest in three decades claims 11 lives

10-21-2019     Fleeced by the Telecoms and Your State is Blessing It

10-21-2019     Billions Of Dollars Waived In Mexico To Ghost Companies

10-21-2019     West Africa: the center of maritime piracy, armed robbery and kidnap

10-20-2019     Detroit-area men who sent millions to Yemen spared prison

10-18-2019     US Has Backed 21 of the 28 ‘Crazy’ Militias Leading Turkey’s Brutal Invasion of Northern Syria

10-17-2019     A Million People Are Jailed at China's Gulags. I Managed to Escape. Here's What Really Goes on Inside

10-16-2019     Cybersecurity Firm Details How China Hacked Western Firms to Steal Aviation Tech

10-14-2019     The hunt for Asia’s El Chapo

10-11-2019     Serbian arms deal whistleblower arrested

10-10-2019     Guatemala Used Anti-Drug Resources for Political Monitoring

10-9-2019       "My life has already been destroyed": what the brother of the president of Honduras said in DEA interrogation.

10-9-2019       Human Rights Activist Allegedly Targeted With NSO Malware Says His Life Is ‘Hellish’

10-7-2019       Elaine Chao favored Kentuckians in meeting with officials seeking grants

10-7-2019       Opium-Smuggling Taliban Leader’s Release From Prison Raises Questions

10-3-2019       IRS: Sorry, but It’s Just Easier and Cheaper to Audit the Poor

10-3-2019       Explainer: U.S. drug trial of Honduran president's brother

10-2-2019       Ecuador ends fuel subsidies to keep $4.2bn IMF programme on track

10-1-2019       Pentagon shifts Mideast command center to US in preparation for war on Iran

10-1-2019       Russia is the unlikely choice to reduce corruption in African diamond mines

9-30-2019       GOP Rep. Chris Collins set to change his not-guilty plea on insider trading charges

9-30-2019       Peru president dissolves congress amid anti-corruption push

9-28-2019       Italy investigates wife of Eni's CEO in Congo graft probe: document

9-27-2019       Hunter Biden’s Perfectly Legal, Socially Acceptable Corruption

9-27-2019       7 years in Bagram cost a Pakistani his youth – and then, his life

9-25-2019       Putin-Linked Mercenaries Are Fighting on Libya’s Front Lines

9-24-2019       Lawsuit by Hamas victims against Turkish bank aims to expose Ankara's support for Palestinian terror

9-24-2019       2 Venezuelans caught smuggling $5 million in gold into Lauderdale airport, feds say

9-23-2019       MONEY TO BURN: More than 300 banks and investors back six of the world’s most harmful agribusinesses to the tune of $44bn

9-20-2019       U.S. to deploy military forces to Saudi Arabia, UAE after drone attacks on oil sites

9-20-2019       SC farmer first to be arrested for growing hemp. But the law doesn’t list a punishment.

9-19-2019       US drone strike intended for Isis hideout kills 30 pine nut workers in Afghanistan

9-19-2019       When Big Business Won’t Let the Troops Repair Their Equipment

9-19-2019       Foreign Investors Fueled Violence and Corruption in South Sudan, Report Finds

9-19-2019       Guatemala joins ranks of cocaine producers as plantations and labs emerge

9-18-2019       Behind the U.S.'s Bogus War on Taliban Drug Labs

9-18-2019       Algerian army chief moves to limit protest movement

9-17-2019       Trump has named more ex-lobbyists to Cabinet in 3 years than Obama, Bush did in full terms: report

9-16-2019       JPMorgan’s Metals Desk Was a Criminal Enterprise, U.S. Says

9-16-2019       Liz Truss apologises over 'inadvertent' Saudi military sales

9-16-2019       Myanmar’s Rohingya Persecuted, Living under Threat of Genocide, UN Experts Say

9-16-2019       Tunisian establishment stunned as outsiders win presidency

9-13-2019       Appeals court allows Trump emoluments case to move forward

9-13-2019       Schiff accuses top intel official of illegally withholding 'urgent' whistleblower complaint

9-13-2019       NY finds $1B in hidden transfers by family behind OxyContin

9-11-2019       Cousin of Honduran President Charged in U.S.

9-11-2019       Venezuela starts military exercises along Colombia border amid rising tensions with Bogota

9-11-2019       The Central African Republic faces a Syria-sized crisis

9-10-2019       We Asked Prosecutors if Health Insurance Companies Care About Fraud. They Laughed at Us.

9-10-2019       ‘Yemen Was Called the Forgotten War, but Activists Are Refusing to Forget’

9-9-2019         Americans Deserve Their Day in Court About NSA Mass Surveillance Programs

9-9-2019         How to End Forever Wars

9-9-2019         Arms companies are hiding behind governments – it’s time we held them accountable

9-8-2019         Muslim rebels surrender guns in Philippines

9-6-2019         Air Force crew made an odd stop on a routine trip: Trump’s Scottish resort

9-6-2019         People May Think All Lawyers Are Prostitutes, But This Lawyer Is Literally A Prostitute

9-6-2019         US weighs releasing name sought in Saudi 9/11 suit

9-5-2019         Judge Grills US Attorney Who Opposes Injection Site Plan

9-5-2019         Troubled companies made him billions. A prison phone investment made him enemies

9-4-2019         Guatemala declares state of siege after suspected drug dealers kill 3 soldiers

9-3-2019         Philadelphia district attorney exonerates 9 people in 19 months

9-3-2019         Trump Invites Pence to Stay at His Place—Then Hands Taxpayers the Bill

9-2-2019         U.S. Attorney General to decide whether a key name in 9/11 case is a ‘state secret’

9-1-2019         Moscow collects its spoils of war in Assad’s Syria

8-31-2019       OxyContin owners may retain bulk of fortune

8-31-2019       A new kind of cybercrime uses AI and your voice against you

8-31-2019       Sudan's al-Bashir admits receiving $25m from Saudi crown prince

8-31-2019       Syria: Assad holds rich cousin so he can pay Putin’s war loans

8-30-2019       Justice comes for the corrupt DEA agent who tried to set up rapper Scarface

8-29-2019       Former FARC Leaders Announce 'New Stage Of Fighting,' Upending Colombia's Peace Deal

8-28-2019       U.S. sought to preserve close ties to Indonesian military as it terrorized East Timor in runup to 1999 independence referendum

8-28-2019       They were CIA-backed Chinese rebels. Now you’re invited to their once-secret hideaway.

8-28-2019       Overruled: Top Justice Department Appointees Quash Felony Charge Against Monsanto

8-27-2019       How an Ex-Mayor Could Bring Down the Honduras President

8-27-2019       China to impose ‘social credit’ system on foreign companies

8-26-2019       Lawmakers worry World Bank is funding China's Uighur Muslim 're-education' camps

8-26-2019       Secret Memos Show the Government Has Been Lying About Backpage All Along

8-26-2019       Guilty as Charged? $25 Million Bitcoin Ponzi Scam for Peddling Methamphetamines

8-23-2019       Trump Orders ‘a Lot’ of Ketamine for Depressed Veterans

8-23-2019       The FBI’s Nigerian email scam ring bust shows how the billion-dollar global fraud has evolved

8-22-2019       U.S. fines Deutsche Bank $16 million to settle China, Russia corruption charges


8-21-2019       Could the Jalisco Cartel’s ‘El Mencho’ Really Be a Billionaire?

8-20-2019       Disgraced Oakland businessman charged in $110 million immigration scam

8-20-2019       Arms Dealer Sentenced to 30 Years for Weapons, Missile Trading

8-19-2019       The CEOs of nearly 200 companies just said shareholder value is no longer their main objective

8-19-2019       31 countries where the 'American Dream' is more attainable than in the US

8-18-2019       Israeli Arms Trade in South Sudan Was Disguised as "Agriculture"

8-17-2019       The killing fields of Bolsonaro’s Brazil

8-17-2019       India’s west coast is new route for drugs to the West

8-14-2019       U.S. attorney's aide accused of helping gang member son find snitches

8-12-2019       UAE plays down Saudi rift after separatists take Yemeni city

8-9-2019         Cops wrongly claimed 'bird poop’ was cocaine in arrest of Georgia Southern QB

8-9-2019         IMF contradicts Trump: China hasn’t manipulated its currency

8-8-2019         PCC-‘Ndrangheta, the International Criminal Alliance Flooding Europe with Cocaine

8-7-2019         US Seizes Cargo Ship Trying to Deliver Food to Venezuela

8-7-2019         Checkbook diplomacy? How Qatar’s renewed US ties reshape the Gulf.

8-6-2019         Admiral removed from Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher's case was investigated in 'Fat Leonard' scandal

8-6-2019         Iraq’s Shia militias claim capture of ‘Grand Mafia Leader’ in ‘biggest gambling crackdown’

8-6-2019         FARC dissidents threaten journalists reporting on southwest Colombia drug trade

8-4-2019         Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernandez accused in major drug conspiracy of using US$1.5 million in money to secure position

8-3-2019         Jalisco cartel boss in mountain hideout, copying El Chapo: DEA

8-2-2019         Tennessee governor denies knowing about an alleged bribe offered to state lawmaker

8-2-2019         Feds target McKesson plant in West Sacramento over ‘suspicious’ opioid sales

8-2-2019         US Officials Falsely Claims ISIS Only Defeated Where US Troops Are Present

8-2-2019         Protesters disrupt Saudi weapons ships

8-1-2019         Afghan troop numbers drop sharply in crackdown on 'ghost' soldiers

7-31-2019       Trump ‘rodent’ tweets ring true at Kushner-owned apartments

7-29-2019       Former lawmakers using "slush funds" to lobby members of Congress for foreign nations

7-28-2019       Amazon gold miners invade indigenous village in Brazil after its leader is killed

7-27-2019       Union president charged in NYC with taking bribes

7-27-2019       720kg of gold gone in three minutes during daring heist at Brazil airport

7-27-2019       Bahrain executes three, including Shi'ite activists

7-24-2019       Imran Khan admits Pakistan LIED to US over terror groups: ‘We have 40,000 militants!’

7-24-2019       An Overview of Drug Trafficking in Pakistan

7-24-2019       West Africa pirate attacks continue to rise

7-23-2019       'A Moral Crime': Leaked contract reveals how shipowners wash their hands of toxic vessels via offshore world

7-23-2019       Putin Told a Jailed French Banker to Buy a Home. It Didn’t Help

7-22-2019       Former narcotics officer sues sheriff’s office following fentanyl exposure

7-22-2019       Cambodia Denies Report Of Deal With China For Use Of Naval Base

7-18-2019       The Shocking Lack of Lawyers in Rural America

7-17-2019       Haiti’s government is hurting for cash. It just hired yet another lobbyist in D.C.

7-17-2019       The Criminal Ties of Maduro’s New Military Chiefs in Venezuela

7-13-2019       Philip Morris urges Thailand to drop prosecution after WTO's second ruling

7-12-2019       Army to be deployed to quell violent crime in Cape Town

7-12-2019       St. Louis police union asks officers to post Punisher logo in solidarity with cops under investigation

7-12-2019       House Says Trump Can't Go To War With Iran Unless Congress Approves

7-11-2019       FBI investigating tattooed deputy gangs in Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

7-10-2019       Majorities of U.S. veterans, public say the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not worth fighting

7-9-2019         Son of Azeri Oil Chief Has New Story About Stolen Luxury Watch

7-7-2019         Suit alleging US chocolate makers collaborated in slave labor proceeds

7-5-2019         Libya Uncovers Alleged Russian Plot to Meddle in African Votes

7-3-2019         The FBI Somehow Lost Its Files About White Supremacist Forum Stormfront

7-3-2019         US tells London court Dawood is in Pakistan

7-2-2019         Egypt: Six years after the coup, what has US military assistance bought us?




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