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Episode # 10

Matthew Dunlap is Maine's Secretary of State. He also served on the Trump administration's Presidential Advisory Commission on Electoral Integrity. It was formed in the aftermath of Trump's claim that 3-5 million illegal votes were cast for Hillary Clinton.


In this episode, Dunlap details that there was an obvious mandate to manufacture evidence of voter fraud. Independent-minded members, such as Dunlap, were stonewalled by the commission. You'll be alarmed by the details. He eventually sued the government to simply be allowed to participate in the commission.


In this interview, he went in-depth about the legal battles, debunked the myth of widespread voter fraud, and called out the political operatives who are creating this false narrative. That includes the Kansas Gubernitorial candidate, Kris Kobach. Also, Dunlap's legal challenge prevailed in the courts. As a result, we can all view the documents from the commission, which prove that it was driven by a clear political agenda, not a search for the truth.


Dunlap v PACEI: Investigating the Voter Fraud Commission

Dunalp's Letter to Mike Pence and Kris Kobach

Documents of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity

Episode # 9

Philip Mattera is the Research Director and the Director of the Corporate Research Project. He's also the author of the "Dirt Diggers Digest" blog, which focuses on corporate crime.
He explained the extent and harm from corporate crime, along with how to properly research this subject via the free online tools of his non-profit organization. He also went into length about the subject of wage theft, which is much more prevalent than most people realize.


Violation Tracker

Corporate Rap Sheets

Dirt Diggers Digest

"Grand Theft Paycheck"

"Corporate Impunity"

Philip Matter's Twitter Profile

Epic Systems Corp v Lewis

Episode #8

Toby Muse is a journalist, foreign corespondent, documentary filmmaker, and upcoming author. His work has been featured in The Guardian, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Daily Beast, CNN, Vice, and many more.

Toby has reported on a number of issues in Colombia for nearly two decades. In this episode, he covered a range of topics, such as "The Caravan of Death," right-wing death squads, communist rebels, record cocaine production, and much more.



Toby Muse's Twitter Profile


((Referenced Article)

Why we hate the FARC (and not so the paramilitaries)

Episode #7

Episode #6

Raeford Davis served as a police officer for six years in North Charleston, SC. He's now one of the foremost leaders of the freedom movement. In this episode, he offers a number of critiques for police culture, the drug war, and much more.


Disposable Veterans and Moral Injury

Murder in Service of the Drug War: The Passion of Levonia Riggins

Raeford Davis LEAP Profile

Raeford Davis' Twitter Profile

Episode #5

Episode #4


Episode #3

Interview w Dave Moore. He's an independent-minded, non-corporate candidate for the 3rd Congressional District of South Carolina. He represents the American Party of South Carolina. Dave is seeking to unseat the most right-wing member of the House of Representatives, Jeff Duncan.


Dave tackled a number of subjects such as foreign policy, the military industrial complex, the drug war, corporate crime, and more.


Check out his website.


Episode # 2

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